Upcoming Projects

That is a fine question. Hopefully, this is a fine answer.

I am working on an Epic Fantasy adventure that will probably turn into a short series…probably five or six books. 

I am not at a point where I can reveal much more than that at the moment. I can tell you I am actively writing the first two books right now. That may sound odd, but they are so integrated that writing them, at the same time, made more sense to my mind. 

I am also working on a fun project which is a rewrite of Avenging Love but only through the eyes of Duke. I will probably use this as a freebie for newsletter signup, but I will make that decision after I have finished it. If it stands on its own as a full-fledged novel, I just may release it to publication.

Many readers have asked for more of the Trinitarian Knight’s story. I am working on a few ideas in that regard. One of those ideas is to go back in time to the revolt in Heaven and really dig into the relationship of Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, Raphaël, and Zachariel. I think the concept of brothers going to war against each other is one that could be fun to explore.

Another idea staying in the Trinitarian Knights story would be to go back to meet the very first David. This would allow us to explore the origin of the Knights and how they came to be. 

Lastly, second century David is mentioned a few times in Avenging Love. There could certainly be a story there.

Of course, if you have finished the trilogy as it now stands, you know that I left a few loose ends that could also be explored. 

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