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Well, of course, with books one and two of the Trinitarian Knights Collection done, book three is a must do FAST!!! 

And don’t worry, it is well under way. Current plans are to have it available by the end of 2022. However, with the launch of books one and two going on concurrently, the launch of book three may get pushed back into early 2023. Just gotta have it sooner? Sign up for the newsletter. You never know, there just may be a way for some to get early copies. I can’t yet promise that but I am definitely looking at ways for a pre-launch.

Buried Within completes the story. . . for the most part. Seriously, would it be any fun if I didn’t leave a few possible twists at the end. I must be prepared for a continuation of the saga. However, if you read below, that is not currently in the works in my mind. I just like to leave a few mysteries and possible doorways to walk through in the future. Of course, the ultimate decision maker on that topic may just be readers like you. Your opinion matters and if the questions raised need answered or if the demand to continue following a particular character is great, I will likely defer to the pressure of my readers lol.

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What’s Next?

That is a fine question. Hopefully, this is a fine answer.

I have two projects in the dark recesses of my mind that are both currently fighting for dominance. That’s how it works for me. When a character in my mind screams at me long enough to be let out, I feel compelled to do just that. I write their story. So, who is battling for that spot right now?

One set of characters is from the Trinitarian Knights Collection. However, this wouldn’t be moving forward but would go back in time. Way back in time. No, further than that. I mean way way back in time. We are talking about a millennium ago here. It would go back to the very beginnings of the Knights and the personal conflict between the Archangel Michael and the Archangel Lucifer (before he becomes Satan, of course). 

I have alluded to this relationship in the other books and talked about what a personal ordeal Lucifer’s revolt was to Michael. They are talking to me. They are sharing their story with me as I sand old furniture. They are active in my head.

But wait…they aren’t alone.

There is an epic fantasy in my head as well. I can’t share too much about that one right now. I will say that I am actively world-building for it. The first book of that story is fairly solid in my mind. I have watched the beginning of the book play out in my head. I have seen the ending of that book so vividly that I have been overwhelmed with emotion. It’s there but an epic fantasy in the proportions I am thinking is no small undertaking. This would definitely be a series and the world-building necessary will take a lot of time. 

The main character of book one is talking to me very clearly, and, dare I say, that I really like this character. I just don’t like the way. . . oops, almost gave away a spoiler 🙂  And while the main character is present, the supporting cast has not shown itself yet in a clear way. Maybe next time I take out the sander, they will arrive in my head.

So, we will see once I finish book three and get it out to you, who happens to be screaming the loudest. That is likely the direction I will take.

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