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My first book. If you find a copy, save it. It just may be a collector’s item someday 🙂  It was taken out of print shortly after its release as I decided to rewrite it completely. That rewrite is below as Avenging Love. The story is the same but the new version has a lot more detail, some story restructuring to make some scenes flow better, and is now the first book of a trilogy. 

Sometimes heroes aren’t very heroic. . . 

Sometimes heroes fail. . . 

For years, David numbs his guilt with tequila. That’s no longer an option and now he must correct his failure and avenge his loss. The Archangel Michael and the mysterious 2000-year-old Emma try to get David to listen to the truth in his heart. But will he wake up in time?

Facing an epic battle that he can’t win, David and his demon destroying St Bernard, Duke, search for redemption as guilt overwhelms them both. Can they avenge their loss? Can they correct their failure? 

To do so, the very gates of Hell await. . . 

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Yes, it’s the prequel to Avenging Love. Yes, it’s meant to be read after Avenging Love :). 

Meet an earlier David. Well, technically, you met this David in Avenging Love in a flashback scene. However, this is a more formal introduction lol. 

Protecting Love fills in some of the back story missing from Avenging Love. It is a short novella of about 20,000 words that answers a few of the questions that have been frequently asked by readers. 

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Haunted by nightmares and feelings of loss, Sarah struggles to be strong for her family. She should be happy. . . 

Seven years after the conclusion of Avenging Love, deep within the ocean, a familiar demon stirs, deep within Hell, a new plot is unleashed, and deep within David’s heart, the seed of fear takes root. 

In an ending that surprised even the author, this novel continues the fast-paced thrill ride of Avenging Love yet leaves the reader at the edge of. . .

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Not all is as it has seemed. . .

Buried within David are seeds of truth. Buried within angels are seeds of humanity. Buried within demons are seeds of angels. Buried within children are seeds of greatness.

The thrilling conclusion to the trilogy reveals secrets, unknown alliances, and a truth that will change the course of everything.

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